Wearables that you need in the Year 2016


When it comes to wearables, you will find that they are inescapable. There are so many reasons as to why you may find yourself getting a wearable, especially with the changing times of our technology. Whether you are looking for a way to access your notifications much easier, getting a fitness band for accurate biometric readings, among others, you will be able to get what exactly you are looking for once you do the necessary search on the market. There are plenty of wearables devices that you can buy to enhance your life and make it much easier.

If you are in the market and looking for one and lack the necessary info to guide you, you may end up having a stressful time in getting what you really want. The wearable industry is still relatively new, and with so many options to choose from, you will find spy on other cell phones free that most  are not compatible with your smartphone. Below will be a summary of some of the best wearables that you will find ideal for you, and a must have for many people.

Withings Activité

According to most people, the Activité is one of the most popular type of smartwatches out there. And if you are looking for a gift for that gadget lover, then this is the one perfect for them. Designed with a simple but elegant style, the Withings Activité, will give you the sleek look that you want to achieve. When you see the watch for the first time, you can barely tell that it is a smartwatch. One of the best thing that users love about this watch is the simplicity that it uses in keeping you aware of your fitness levels. On the watch, there is a very small dial on the face, gives the watch a unique design and also informs the user how far they are from completing their goals.

The Swiss designed edition of the Withings Activité will cost you around 320 Euros, and it is quite worth it since you will be getting a very quality watch with some of the best smart features. When you buy the watch, it also comes together with an extra silicone watch band for sports activities, for example, swimming. A non-Swiss designed Withings Activité will cost around 120 Euros.

TomTom Spark

Another great wearable for gadget lovers is the TomTom Spark, which is a gadget that is equipped with a heart rate monitor, GPS and timing tools, which makes it an ideal fitness tracker. It is also perfect for those who are health conscious. If you are a runner, gym fanatic, cyclist or quite active, then the TomTom Spark is the gadget for you. This smart wearable will track your every sprint and step, and will calculate the total time taken and distance, which will help you know the calories that you have burnt. Apart from the gym, you can use the device for other activities, such as cycling swimming or when you are on the road. This smartwatch comes with a feature whereby you can switch modes and use it for sleep tracking. One of its popular feature is the built in storage for songs, and can be synced with your smartphone using Bluetooth. Buying the TomTom will require that you spend approximately 190 Euros.

These are two examples of the wearables that are currently common. There are many more options that you can choose from that will help make your life easier. These includes the Fitbit Surge, Apple Watch, and Jawbone Up3, among many other types of wearables to choose from. With the advancement in technology, more and more types of devices are being designed to suit your needs.